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BMX Supercross

About BMX Supercross

The UCI BMX Supercross was brought to the Netherlands for the first time in 2011. A giant milestone. Since then, the BMX World Cup has been organized @Papendal annually. Over the last 3 years 2 World Cup rounds were ridden; one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. And then to think that only five UCI World Cups are being organized each year! Will you join us in the weekend of 1, 2 and 3 May 2019? The event @Papendal has grown out to be a classic on the calendar: all world champions find their way to Papendal.

BMX Papendal

After the 2012 edition, we started expanding the event year by year. Since 2017 we organise Framed Festival right next to the BMX track. We will make it a spectacular event once again this year. Three major events will take place at the same time; the UCI BMX Supercross, the Framed Festival and the Tour of Arnhem. A spectacular weekend with exciting races, music and great food and drinks.

About Papendal

The tenth UCI Supercross World Cup will take place @Papendal on Saturday 2 May and Sunday 3 May 2020. The High Performance Centre in the woods of Arnhem. And home base of the National BMX selections. In previous years, Laura Smulders & Judy Baauw won the Women’s World Cup @Papendal and Niek Kimmann won the Men’s World Cup for both rounds. In 2015, Jelle van Gorkom came in second and newcomer Niek Kimmann surprised among the elites with a first place in the difficult Lane 8. As a result, Niek earned double the amount of prize money.

It promises to be an exciting race on the home track @Papendal. See for yourself how the best BMX riders in the world launch themselves from an eight metre-high start ramp. To then try to stay ahead of each other on a track with awesome jumps and sharp curves. Would you like to know more about High Performance Centre Papendal? Take a look at Papendal.com.

About UCI

UCI is the international sports federation, acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, for all disciplines of the cycling sport. The federation is one of the oldest and was founded in 1900. The role of the UCI is to further put the cycling sport on the map in the sports world. Developing an international event calendar for each cycling discipline and providing international rules and regulations for these disciplines are among their most important tasks. Naturally, they also take care of the World Cup for all cycling disciplines. Thus, also for BMX. As such, they are owner and operator of the annual UCI BMX Supercross World Cups, where world’s best professional BMX riders perform at top level.