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Saturday 2nd of May

Program UCI BMX Supercross World Cup

Here you will find information about the three events during the weekend from 1 to 3 May, including the extensive programs, World Cup start times, a map and route information.

Times may change
9h30  toTerrain is open
10h45 toGrand stand is open
11h00 to14h00Trainings BMX Riders
12h00 to14h00Qualification Papendal Pump Track Battle
14h35 to15h20Round 1 –  men
15h20 to15h35Round 1 – women
15h35 to15h40Break
15h40 to16h00 uurMen-Last chance
16h00 to 16h10 uurWomen-Last chance
16h10 to16h55Break
16h10 to 16h55Semi finals Papendal Challenge Cup
16h55 to17h25Men 1/16e finals
17h25 to17h30Break
17h30 to17h45Women 1/8e finals
17h45 to18h00Men 1/8e finals
18h00 to18h15Finals Papendal Challenge Cup
18h15 to18h25Women 1/4e finals
18h25 to18h35Men 1/4e finals
18h35 to18h40Break
18h40 to18h50Women semi finals
18h50 to19h00Men semi finals
19h00 to19h10Break
19h10 to19h20Women finals
19h20 to19h30Men finals
19h30 to19h45Award Ceremony

The App program will be available again soon!

The (festival) site is open from 9.30 a.m. Also check the Framed Festival program, open from 12.00 – 23.00!

We would like to refer you to our applicable house rules.


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