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BMX Supercross Papendal

Come and watch the UCI BMX Supercross #OpPapendal! Cheer on our national heroes such like Niek Kimmann (world champion 2015 and 2021 and Olympic champion 2020), Laura Smulders (bronze Olympic Games London, world champion 2018) and Merel Smulders (bronze Olympic Games 2020), but also enjoy the other international toppers! In addition to the blistering BMX competitions, you can also go to the urban music festival; Zomervreugde gaat Framed 

Zomervreugde gaat Framed Festival

Zomervreugde gaat Framed Festival have joined forces during an amazing festival in September 2021. During this festival we combined the best of both worlds. Dressed in a new summer vibe, but the ingredients have remained the same. The 2nd edition of this festival is waiting for us next year. Let’s party to the tastiest r&b/hip-hop, latin, afro, house and disco tunes. At the same time, be amazed by street art, cool dance battles, endless fun and a tasty food line-up.

Last but certainly not least, a spectacular fringe program with BMX stunts, an urban ground, a daredevil kids playground and a pump battle.

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