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A sustainable event

We are working towards a sustainable BMX Event!

Sustainable entrepreneurship is necessary! With the melting ice caps, holes in the ozone layer, plastic in sea waters and extinct animal species, we cannot wait any longer to take measures to preserve our planet. From a political point of view, sustainability is also an increasingly important theme. Due to climate change and the nitrogen problem, countries are forced to take measures. And at Papendal take this matter very seriously.

The UCI BMX Racing WorldCup is held on the greenest event site in Arnhem; our own event site! Our site is equipped with all sustainable solutions:

  • Fixed (power) connections;
  • Fixed connection points to sewerage;
  • Water source for ground irrigation;
  • Surrounded by asphalt or semi-paved roads, which limits the use of road plates to a minimum;
  • Direct public transport connection with Arnhem central station;
  • Fixed lighting on the roads;
  • Fixed fiber optic connection;

A challenge, which we are happy to take on, for the coming years at the events we organize at Papendal is to reduce CO2 emissions in the field of mobility. This applies to both the transport movements during the set-up and dismantling of the event, and to the transport movements of visitors and employees during the event. It is a utopia to make all transport flows CO2 neutral, because as an organizer we depend on various suppliers. As an organizer, however, we want to take the first steps to get suppliers into action to reduce CO2 emissions in the field of mobility. We do this through the following steps:

  • Choosing a car supplier with hybrid, electric or hydrogen cars;
  • Selecting a transport supplier who can provide sustainable and economical transport;
  • Ensuring sustainable (hybrid) machine suppliers;
  • Stimulating long-stay stays, carpooling, public transport and cycling;

Would you like to know more about how sustainability is applied at Papendal? Then click here.