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BMX-champions @Papendall! Be there!

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Urban Sports Ground

For all urban kids!

Loads of fun and challenges for kids between 12 and 18 years old at our Urban Sports Ground! Join us with cool urban activities like skateboarding, freerunning, calisthenics, freestyle BMX, a pumptrack and more. Cool battles, clinics and loads of demonstrations! Will we see you there?

Demonstrations BMX Flatland & Biketrial

If you can’t get enough of the BMX spectacle, then we definitely recommend to come and watch Rick Koekoek and Dez Maarsen. These cycling artists will show you amazing stunts in the Biketrial and Flatland disciplines. Come to the demos and join the clinic.

Biketrial is an individual sport that tests the rider’s ability on how well they are able to overcome various obstacles on special bikes without a saddle. Rick Koekoek is one of the most famous Dutch riders. He has won more than 300 prizes in this discipline. He reached the Guinness World Record in 2014 with his “Highest Bunny hop”. Come to one of Rick’s demos and be amazed! Follow a clinic and learn the basics of Biketrial. Besides balance exercises, attention is paid to steering technique and reading sections. Rick’s enthusiasm is contagious, he is capable of making everyone enthusiastic for this great sport.

BMX Flatland is a form of freestyle BMX. This discipline involves BMX riders performing tricks on a flat surface. There are thus no ramps or other obstacles. Tricks are consecutive combinations of different positions and rotations of the bike or the handlebars. Dez Maarsen is one of the best Dutch Flatland riders. You can watch him perform his tricks @Papendal. Try yourself during a clinic and get tips from Dez.

Daredevil kids playground

Young daredevils have access to the special playground @Papendal all weekend. Children can participate in various activities. From strider bikes for small daredevils to bubble soccer & archery battles. But kids can also join a clinic BMX or enjoy an obstacle cours. Fun for all ages! Do you accept the challenge?