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BMX-champions @Papendall! Be there!

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The dates of the next World Cup event @Papendal are not known yet.

BMX Supercross Papendal

Come and take a look at the UCI BMX Supercross @Papendal! Cheer for our national heroes such as Niek Kimmann (world champion 2015) and Laura Smulders (bronze Olympics London) and enjoy the international stars as well! Besides the thrilling BMX races, you can also visit the music and foodtruck festival Framed and enjoy side events such as the Pump Battle World Series, a cycle event organized by Mantel; Tour of Arnhem (separate registration required), a bike expo and various activities for kids.

BMX World Championship

The BMX World Championships takes place in the summer of 2021. The Worldchampionships is not only for the BMX fan but also for a larger audience and business. In addition to the BMX Worldchampionships there are  social programs, music & entertainment and various side events. This is how the Framed Festival takes an important role during the Worldchampionships. Not only Papendal will be dominated by the Worldchampionships, also the city of Arnhem is closely involved during this event.

Framed Festival

Enjoy a weekend filled with great music from various artists. Urban music, arts and dance will be a big part of this  years’ festival. Enjoy good food of local specialties, smokin’ BBQ and real American burgers at our foodcourt. Choose from a wide range of special beers from local brewers. And last but certainly not least, a spectacular side programme with BMX stunts, demonstrations, clinics, battles and a daredevil playground for kids.

Tour of Arnhem by Mantel

The Tour of Arnhem starts and finishes at Framed Festival. Register for this tour as a perfect warm-up for cycling tours in Limburg, the Ardennes or the Alps. With the 95, 130 and 160 km routes you go through one of the most beautiful nature areas in the Netherlands: National Park Veluwezoom. A new loop takes you through the heart of Arnhem without having to stop somewhere for traffic lights. Moreover, with your registration you have free access to Framed Festival.

BMX Papendal

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