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Pumptrack Battle

Get in action on the pumptrack!

Hit the Pumptrack with your opponent during a pumping track race. Two identical pumptracks lie side by side. Two riders stand side by side at the start, both on their own track. The aim is to complete the course as quickly as possible and defeat your opponent. Experience expert and World Champion Mountainbike (2013) Joost Wichman leads the exciting races.

Papendal pump battle series
Papendal pump battle series
Papendal pump battle series


At first glance, a pump track looks like a BMX track. Hills, bumps and curves form a challenging course. A pump track is not only suitable for the BMX bike, but also for skateboards, inline skates and stunt steps. Actually for everything on wheels. And that is unique!

On a pumptrack you move on by making a ‘pump’ movement. A fun way to develop your skills and it is immediately a good full body workout. Pump tracks are suitable for all ages and levels.

pump track


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