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BMX-wereldtop naar Papendal! Jij komt toch ook?

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New 2017

A weekend full of spectacular activities
  1. New organizer BMX World Cup
    This year the organization of the BMX World Cup is in the hands of Papendal and supported by Kamper Wieler Club.
  1. Two rounds of BMX World Cup
    This year, both round 1 and 2 will take place at Papendal. This means that both Saturday and Sunday  there will be a final. Therefore the saturday is just as spectacular as the sunday!
  1. Stand tickets
    This year we are introducing standing tickets on the west side of the track. Of course, the grand stand and VIP Pavilion will remain on the east side.
  1. New rates
    We are keeping the rates low for you to see the BMX Worldcup; € 7.50 (pre-sale). You also have access to the Framed Festival. Please note: full = full. Friday, May 5, the Framed festival is free of charge and the stand area is open to view the exercise of the BMX Talents Cup.
  1. Free parking
    We encourage public transportation and advise visitors to come by bike. If you do come by car you can park on our free parkinglot.
  1. Customized program times and dates
    In order for you to profit of all the activities, we needed to adjust the program a bit. If you need more information about these customized times, check here. We assure you that you can entertain yourselve the whole day @Papendal.
  1. Framed Festival
    New this year! Framed Festival. This year we are introducing a real music festival, with great food, beer, BMX & BBQ. That means party until the late at night. Need more information about Framed Festival? Look here.
  1. Holland Classic Cycling Event
    Do you want an active morning of cycling or mountain biking? Then sign up for the Holland Classic Cycling Event of the NTFU. You will also have access to Framed Festival and the standing area of the BMX World Cup.
  1. BMX Talents Cup Papendal
    For the first time the BMX Talents Cup Place will take place at Papendal. Come see this cup on friday, the 5th of may 2017.
  1. Papendal Trophy Kids
    Are you between 8 and 16 years old? Sign up for the Papendal Kids Trophy now! Compete in various bicycle events and make sure you are the winner! Afterwards you can enjoy tasty burgers at the Framed Festival and you can also take a look at the BMX World Cup. Will we see you there?

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