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BMX-wereldtop naar Papendal! Jij komt toch ook?

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Pumptrack Papendal

Brand new pumptrack

The pumptrack @papendal is completely renewed and ready for usage! BMX clubs and teams can rent the Papendal pumptrack for training purposes (under certain conditions because of safety):

  • The pumptrack @papendal is not publicly accessible – only for rent to clubs / teams or used for BMX clinics.
  • There is no lighting present on / around the track.
  • Costs €264,50 per 2 hours (two hours is the minimum).
  • A max. of 10 riders on the pumptrack.
  • The user is responsible for sufficient technical supervision during the practice. There needs to be at least one person present with a first aid diploma.
  • Usage is at own risk.
  • The usage rules need to be respected, when using the pumptrack the protocol ‘Usage pumptrack’ of Olympic Training Centre Papendal is applicable.

For access to the protocol and request availability, please sent an e-mail to

Do you have interest in participating in a BMX-clinic? Please contact our events department: